~Our Ancestors Danced~

BRANA incorporates the two most important aspects of health & wellness… BReath & prANA (Life energy). But it doesn’t stop there! BRANA combines Energy Dancing, Body Drumming, Meridian Tapping, Kali Stick Massage, Vocalized Healing Sounds, and Pranayama Breathing all set to fun energizing music. BRANA takes the wisdom of ancient healing practices and turbocharges them into modern day.  BRANA will raise your frequencies and vibrations to a higher consciousness while keeping your feet planted firmly on the ground.


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Chi Kung

“Water is the softest thing, and yet it can penetrate mountains and earth.  This shows clearly the principle of softness overcoming hardness.”

~Lao Tzu~



Chi Kung (pronounced chee gung) is a subtle yet profound set of energy exercises similar to Tai Chi Chuan.  It derives from the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine and uses simple movements and moderate stretches to circulate & store Chi (energy).  A daily Chi Kung practice will help calm/focus the mind, enhance the immune system, increase/balance energy, and develop an intense internal power. The delicate nature of Chi Kung, however, makes it a perfect fit for all ages and physical abilities.  



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