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“If you want to know the meaning of Zen, plant & nurture a garden”

                                                                ~Michael Lang~



If you’d like to see my highlight reel, you can scroll down to the bullet list below.  Personally, in the spirit of being mindful, I’d rather talk about where I am as opposed to where I’ve been.



And now, Story Time with Michael:

Recently, my wife and girls went to Florida and left me and the fury kids in charge of holding down the fort.  My wife gave me the task of keeping her flowers alive, a job which I had failed miserably in the past.  There is a saying, however, When the student is ready the Master will come.  I am proud to say that, this time, I approached my warrior in a garden journey with great passion and an unwavering beginner’s mind which allowed the flowers to be that Master.  I went from merely watering our beautiful flowers to naming each one and engaging in full-on morning conversations with my newly found flora friends.  I found the daily practice to be very nurturing that required a Zen-like meditative presence.  I also felt a deep correlation to our wonderful planet which gave me an unexplainably profound connection to my wife all the way in Florida.  The mindfulness needed to make sure each flower received what it desired became very analogous to certain aspects of my own life, especially my life in healing arts. 


There was one specific hanging flower (which I named Rosalita) that had become very dry with only one bud left of any color.  I was worried that I had once again failed at my task of keeping all of my wife’s flowers thriving.  One Sunday, I took Rosalita down and mindfully massaged each branch gently removing all of her dead leaves and buds.  I pruned her brown branches back to the green and gave her a little extra water and some much-needed love & attention.  Within two days, Rosalita was once again flourishing with an incredible display of multiple red flowers.  I’m not sure if it was the heightened feelings from the infamous Covid19 environment or what, but for me, Rosalita represented a profound feeling of much-needed hope. 


I truly believe that, like Rosalita, our own health and well-being also need to be approached with this same daily nurturing and mindfulness.  I am honored and humbled that you are considering me to be your personal gardener on this very personal voyage of health & wellness.  I promise to treat each of you with the individual attention and compassion you so deserve and I look very forward to our journey. 


Lang’s Highlight Reel

  • My Personal Mind, Body, & Spirit Journies 
    • Former Broadway Dancer / High Aerial Tumbler
    • Former Stuntman
    • Daily Mindfulness Meditation Practitioner 
    • 30+ year Chi Kung / Tai Chi Chuan Practitioner
    • Pilates Practitioner & Teacher (NPCP Formerly PMA – Cert.#16151)
    • NSCA Personal Trainer
    • 27+ years of a personal Yoga practice
    • Martial Artist (Tae Kwon Do & Southern Styled Shaolin Kung Fu)
    • Champion Diver (Also a Coach) 
  • Massage / Bodywork (Licenses -  OH- 33.023920 / MI- 7501010862 / NY inactive)
    • Schools
      • IPSB (Santa Monica, CA – 1995)
      • Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences (NYC) Graduated with an Associate Degree in Occupational Studies, Massage Therapy – 2002; Certificate in Basic Exercise Science / Advanced Personal Training – 2005
      • Multiple Continuing Education Studies (See Modalities Below)
    • Modalities
      • Muscle Release Technique™
      • Rossiter Stretching
      • Active Isolated Stretching
      • Deep Tissue
      • Shiatsu
      • ThaiYoga Bodywork
      • Reiki (Master Level) 

MI License # - 7501010862  / OH License# - 33.023920 / AMTA Insured - ID# 1601843


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