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About Lang

Michael Lang is the CEO / Founder of Lang Fitness & Health.  Michael’s years of experience as a Broadway Dancer / High Aerial Tumbler / Martial Artist / Stuntman have made him well versed in the arts of movement, flexibility, and mindfulness. 


Therapeutic Bodywork

In 1994 Michael began his healing arts journey at IPSB in Santa Monica, CA.  After moving to NYC,  he continued his studies and graduated from the world renowned Swedish Institute.  Michael has worked his bodywork magic on many Broadway Performers, Professional Athletes, Marathon Runners / Tri-athletes, and everyone in between.



After experiencing a knee injury as a tumbler / dancer on Broadway, Michael was introduced via his PT to the therapeutic exercises of Pilates.  He quickly realized that many of the Pilates exercises had been covertly introduced to him over many years through his life long studies as a dancer.  Michael studied and became certified through Cynthia Taylor at the Pilates Center of Toledo and through the Pilates Method Alliance.  Michael is constantly on a quest to learn and closely studies the current Pilates gurus.


.... Kitchen Sink

Along with being a Lic. Massage Therapist in NY, OH, & MI and PMA Certified Pilates Instructor - Michael is also a Rossiter Stretching Coach, MRT Therapist, NSCA-CPT,  Cert. Reiki Master,  and a thirty year practitioner of Qigong & Taijiquan.  In addition to the healing / fitness arts, Michael is also very active in the performing arts.  He is a resident Director / Choreographer and teaches an eclectic mix of classes at The Toledo Ballet. 


Family Man

When  Michael is not helping others obtain optimum health, he is enjoying time with  his wife Lisa and their three daughters Katie, Isabella, & Kiera.


The Rossiter work was amazing! I could feel my muscles open up instantaneously! I actually felt as if my chest was bigger by the end of the session! As a Bodybuilder, loosening up tight muscles felt like it gave me more confidence in my posture which will come in handy during competitions. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is serious about their workouts!     
Zac (Body Builder)

It’s hard to explain but the Rossiter session was as if I could literally feel the muscles become more smooth beneath my skin. And, at the end of the first session I could completely touch my chin to my chest. I haven’t been able to do that in nearly 15 years! I would highly recommend this to anyone who sits at a computer for hours at a time.

Thanks so much!       

Rob (Attorney at Shumaker, Loop, & Kendrick)



I tried Rossiter stretching today with Michael Lang’s techniques and was able to move my body in ways I have never been able to move it before (and this was only after one session)! I highly recommend trying this out for anybody with an aching body, all types of athletes, or just anybody seeking self improvement!                         
Will (Hockey Player)
Thank you Michael for my Rossiter session today!  It was awesome!  Your extensive background in wellness is so noteworthy.  I will definitely refer others!  My neck is feeling a lot better too!  You're the best!     
 Kimi (Yoga Instructor / Owner of California Yoga)
I am currently a dance major at the College Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati.  However, whenever I'm home I always jump back into Pilates sessions with Michael Lang.  My strength, body awareness and wellness always improves tremendously.  I only wish I could bring him to Cincy with me!  If you are an athlete or someone looking to get into shape, Lang Fitness & Health guides those of all ages and body types through a healthy workout that is tailored specifically for you. 
  Amanda (Dancer)
Michael has really helped me to improve my field goal kicking range in motion giving me extra distance on my kicks.  Also has taken away all pain in my hip area from kicking.  Kept me injury free and healthy this whole year!  I highly recommend everyone to Michael no matter what you do!  He will reduce all of your pain and also help keep your body healthy and prep you for sports seasons, get you in shape, etc. 10 / 10 would recommend it!   
  Drew (Football - Kicker)
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